About Us

DemosWebId is an information media that contains interesting articles such as Technology, Blogging, Internet, General Information, Linux, Windows, Money-Making Applications, Games, Health, and many more. Most of the information contained on the DemosWebId website is quoted from trusted sources such as national media to local and other independent media. Articles that have been published on the DemosWebId site try to prioritize the quality of the content that has been published.

DemosWebId also has the right to provide clarification or correction if the information that has been shared is later found to be invalid or a hoax, such as a money-making application and so on. The reason is, there are a lot of money-making applications that were initially proven to pay and in the future many of these applications are not proven to pay or are scams. Therefore, DemosWebId reserves the right to delete or rectify previously published articles.

DemosWebId displays several advertisements on web pages as management income and contributors to the sustainability of the web. This website is managed by Mahesa Putra who is a blogger from Makassar, South Sulawesi , Indonesia. The author hopes that the writing on this site will be useful for many people.

However, as an ordinary human being who cannot be separated from mistakes and mistakes, it is possible that there are some errors in the writings that have been published on the DemosWebId site, which of course come from mistakes or shallow understanding of the author’s personal. Therefore, criticism, suggestions, and comments are also highly expected for the development of this DemosWebId site.